Sale of shares in Focus Telecom Poland

22 December 2023

Our law office specialises in M&A transactions and handles many share purchase agreements every year. However, it is not every day that the valuation of a company from such a transaction exceeds PLN 100 million!

So we cannot but boast that throughout 2023 we worked very intensively to, representing the founders of Focus Telecom Poland, prepare the operation for the sale of 80% of the shares of this company to the MCI.Euroventures fund. The closing took place in December this year. We prepared the vendor audit report and guided the company through the audit commissioned by the buyer. We designed and negotiated extensive transaction documentation, especially the SPA, the articles of association and the shareholders’ agreement. Our tax team supported the sellers in relation to the profits they realised.

We congratulate all parties to the transaction and thank the founders of Focus Telecom Poland for their trust and great cooperation!

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