Cookies are small text files, which are saved on a User’s device (computer, telephone, tablet) and downloaded during subsequent visits. Their purpose is to collect and store information e.g. about the User’s visits and activity on the Website.
The personal data collected with the use of cookies is used for the purposes of providing e-services to the User and improving the quality of such services, as well as for statistical, analytical and marketing purposes, in particular associated with promoting goods and services offered by third parties, always with the User’s consent (Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR). To accept cookies, you may use an appropriate browser configuration. Such acceptance can be withdrawn at any time, in particular by clearing cookies history and disabling cookies in the browser settings.
The information on cookies provided in this Policy is also applicable to other similar technologies used on the Website. If you use our services, we assume that you accept cookies.
The User may change his/her browser settings to block all cookies or some of them (e.g. third party cookies only) or to receive a message each time cookies are sent to his/her device. It should be remembered, though, that blocking the use of cookies may have an adverse effect on the comfort of using the Website.
The Administrator uses cookies to make decisions (e.g. about profiling) automatically. The Administrator uses service cookies e.g. in connection with advertising (including behavioural advertising) addressed to Users e.g. on their Facebook profiles. The cookies used for this purpose comprise:
user input cookies (session ID);
authentication cookies, which are used to authenticate client requests and maintain session information;
user centric security cookies, which are used to detect authentication abuses;
multimedia player session cookies (e.g. flash player cookies);
user interface customization cookies, which are used for personalization of the User’s interface for the session duration or a little longer;
shopping cart cookies, which are used to save the shopping cart’s contents for the session’s duration;
cookies for monitoring website traffic, i.e. cookies used for data analytics, including Google Analytics cookies, which are used by Google to analyse the use of the Website and to prepare statistics and reports on the functioning of the Website. Google does not use the data collected for User identification purposes and it does not combine such information in order to enable identification. Detailed information on the scope and principles of data collection for the purposes of this service is available at
In terms of the storage period, cookies can be divided into “persistent” and “session”. Persistent cookies are stored in the web browser until they are deleted by the User or until a fixed point in time, which is defined in the cookie parameters. Session cookies are stored in the web browser until it is closed or until the user’s exit/log out.

Personal data is stored within the European Economic Area.

The Administrator shall have the right to change the Policy in order to improve the privacy protection principles and compliance with the law.