8 November 2021

This was one of the most interesting transactions of 2021 for our law firm. The Swedish company Dellner Bubenzer has just acquired Frimatrail Frenoplast S.A. This multi-threaded process ended with the signing of a whole package of agreements, the preparation of which provided us with a lot of work. The whole was also an outstanding negotiation challenge.

Mergers & acquisitions are an important part of Porębski & Partners’ practice. We have many years of experience in this area, which allows us to confidently conduct transaction processes and negotiations with partners represented by the largest international network law firms.

We are very pleased that we could support the founding shareholders of Frimatrail Frenoplast S.A. We congratulate them on their development achievements, which have led the company to attract such a major and powerful buyer. We congratulate the new shareholder on the excellent purchase, and we wish the company to flourish in the international industrial group.